About Us

Watch for Our Story!

Mystics for Hire is a web and mobile community where seekers and Mystics can find each other, read reviews of practitioners, and make connections.

For Mystics

If you are a Mystic, we provide you with an easy-to use platform to list information about your credentials, expertise, and your services. More importantly, we give your clients a place to leave independent reviews about your work, offering social proof to attract new clients. You’ll be part of a community of practitioners becoming visible and findable on the web, making it possible for you to reach people all across the world.

For Those Searching for Mystics

There are people who provide authentic guidance.
And there are people who don’t.
If you have consulted practitioners in the past, you may have already experienced those who can’t deliver what they promise.
We created Mystics for Hire as a site for Mystics to list their services, so you have more choices than you could ever find through word of mouth. More importantly, though, is that clients like you can post reviews of their experiences.
We can’t guarantee your results.
We can offer you community-reviewed alternatives, so you can make your own informed choices.

For those searching for Mystics

If you are seeking guidance, Mystics for Hire can help you discover the practitioner that fits your needs. Click here to search our directory of mystics.