The Power of Practicing Tarot’s founders have used Tarot to help lend insight to a variety of business questions.  On our main site (which was currently under construction when we wrote this article) we listed many, many possible names for it.

How did we makes decision for Mystics for Hire?

We went to a Tarot card reader who helped us narrow down the possibilities!  

Even for the main project and web site, we had the same Tarot reader help us in determining to move forward or not on what has turned out to be an exciting project.


But what is Tarot and how did these beautiful cards come into existence?  

While the history of the cards is likely older, by the 1500’s, Italians were enjoying a card game called “tarocchi appropriati” and this game was not designed with divination in mind.  However, by 1791 Jean-Baptiste Alliette wrote his first book on the tarot whose title translates to “the Art of Reading Cards” so we know using the cards for divination, and other purposes, occurred hundreds of years ago.

The history offered by card readers differs from historians but we know that today there are many, many types of Tarot cards including over 50 different sets according to  The one most familiar to those in the US,  and one of the most popular, is the “Rider-Waite” deck, which has been in continual print since 1909.


Tarot can help guide decisions, make choices, highlight which path is best for you to take and for any innumerable number of other uses.  When you work with, you’ll find a Tarot card reader that fits your needs.

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