Three Famous Tarot Cards and Their Meanings

Back in the heydays of tarot card reading, people associated mystical activities as part of a witch-hunted cult, but it’s steadily rising in mainstream popularity as people start to open up to the thought of allowing spiritual guidance to spark some inspiration when they’re in a rut.

For years, reading tarot is like venturing into the celestial unknown, but the meanings they portray always seem to hit home as it strives to capture significant points in your life in the form of divination. The word itself may seem heavenly and out-of-reach, but mystics see the connection with your higher self and see a way to help you achieve self-empowerment.

As home-bound communities struggle to find the light at the end of the tunnel for the promise of a new year this 2021, we explore some of the iconic tarot cards and what they represent:

  1. Temperance

At first glance, temperance looks stunning with a visual depiction of an angel with wings, while his feet connects the spiritual being to the material world. The water poured in the two cups represent the connection between the super and subconscious mind.

One of the most well-coveted cards in the curious community of mystics, this optimistic image highlights the importance of balance in life. It suggests how you should approach problems with calm in your heart, especially since posing a war with yourself will only take you two steps back in your solution.

When reading the card in its upward position, it signifies patience and harmony, while placing it downwards means there is a sense of recklessness raging a battle inside you.

  1. Death

Many people associate the death tarot card with its literal meaning, but it mostly represents a sudden, significant change in your life. Death plays a pivotal role in many people’s lives, particularly since it leads you to accept the inevitability of change.

Death in the tarot card looms like a giant as it rides a stunning, white horse with a flag in his arm. It is a pure force of nature, one that suggests no one is exempted from the transformation death brings to one’s life.

In many cases, death can signify a positive outcome, you only need to welcome it with open arms.

  1. The Star

People across the world are searching for light in the darkness that enveloped the previous year due to the pandemic, and the star tarot card is the perfect one to represent relief and renewal. It sheds a positive light on both spiritual and physical aspects of your life, as depicted in the woman kneeling by the edge of the pond.

You can see her holding two containers of water, while a large, burning star surrounded by its smaller, equally-fiery counterparts casts a warm glow to signify your inner strength. When you get the card in its upward position, it highlights hope.

The Bottom Line:

Exploring the Deeper Message Behind the Top Iconic Tarot Cards

It’s easy to shrug tarot reading as some form of a magic trick, but looking into the symbolism provides valuable insights into your psyche that you can use to understand the happenings in your life. It has the power to evoke the right emotions, allowing people to take the right action with confidence and peace of mind.

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Chris Waychoff
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