Our Guide to Palmistry – What you Need to Know about Chinese Palm Reading

Palmistry is one of the many mystical practices that help people understand what life has in store for them. It’s the study of the palm and observes the palm’s color, shape, and lines.  As each person has a unique hand with its whorls, lines, and varying finger lengths, they hold an untold story—unlocked by a pam reader—about the future that is yet to unfold.

Many people use palm reading to determine if they have good or bad luck. Others use this unique practice to help them understand more about their life and get in touch with their higher being, reorienting them towards their intended path. Whether you’ve long been curious about palmistry, or you’d like to find palm reading near you, here are a few things you need to know about the mystic service:

Introduction to Palmistry

The practice of palm reading is older than many civilizations. It was popular in ancient India while also having a long, illustrious history in China, dating back to the Zhou Dynasty over 3,000 years ago. The first systemic work of palmistry in China was created during the Western Han Dynasty, deemed to belong to physiognomy.

Palmistry indicates four aspects: the state of one’s health, one’s work and life relationships, family background and resources, and one’s fate. The answers to these questions like in either the left or right hand. The left hand makes up for about 20 percent of a reading and contains genetic information. In contrast, the right hand has postnatal information, thereby taking precedence in a palmist’s reading and occupying the other 80 percent. The palmist uses mostly the right palm and then uses the left palm for supplemental information.

The Lines On a Palm

Palmists look at five lines on a palm. The first one is the life line, also known as the earth line, which circles the thumb and tells the palmist about a person’s health and energy. The second line is the wisdom line, also known as the human line, which extends between the thumb and index finger to the palm’s other side. It often looks like it divides the palm and indicates a person’s personality and mentality.

Meanwhile, the love line or the heaven line stretches from the pinky finger to the index finger. This line demonstrates the person’s love life. The fourth line is the fate line or career line, which starts from the wrist and ends at the middle finger, displaying the person’s career and fortune. Lastly, the marriage line is the short line between the love line and the little finger, reflecting the person’s romantic relationships.

The Wrinkles On a Palm

There are three types of wrinkles that palmists use when giving a reading. The first is the cross wrinkle, which is the meeting of two short lines in the palm. The reading will change depending on this wrinkle’s location.

The second type is the star wrinkle, which is an intersection of three or more lines. Like the cross wrinkle, their meanings depend on their position on the palm.

The last type is the island wrinkle, which appears with five lines. Although the details depend on which palm line the crease lies on, it typically has an unfortunate meaning, requiring a palmist’s expertise.


Palm readings are an excellent way to acquaint yourself with your fate and habits, helping you become a better person. It shows you the potential futures that may arrive if you make confident choices. By working with a modern mystic, you’ll learn more about yourself than you would have ever dreamed of just by using your palm.

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