How Do I Talk About My Gift?

Here’s a great guide on how to talk about your gift, you can also download a PDF at the link below.

How Do I Talk About My Work on the Mystics for Hire Website?

As a Mystic, it’s tempting to tell people “I’m a psychic,” or “I’m a Tarot reader.

There’s nothing wrong with this. What’s missing, though, is a description of the outcomes people can experience when they work with you. They might know they want to consult a Tarot card reader, but it’s much more likely that they know what problem they want solved, instead of how to solve the problem.

You can help clients know they need you by describing the results you provide, in addition to how you provide those results.

Here’s a template to figure that out using a technique called “Repeating Questions.” You’ll start with How you solve problems for people (the modalit(ies) you use), then we’ll drill deeper into the Why.

Here’s an example.

You: People come to me because I can _______________ (In this case we’ll pretend you’re a tarot card reader and you’ll say “Do a Tarot card reading for them.”

What result do they want? ______________ (We’ll say ‘they want clarity around a situation they’re facing in their lives.)

Then the repeating question starts.

You: So that what?

Answer: They want clarity around a situation so they can get unstuck.

You: So that what?

Answer: So they can do things differently than they have in the past.

You: So that what?

Answer: So they can make a more skilled or clear choice this time.

You: So that what?

Answer: So they get a more favorable outcome.

You: So that what?

Answer: So they avoid the pain they felt when faced with this situation before, and made a decision that turned out badly.

You can keep going on this, but we have enough to work with now. Based on these answers, here’s what you could say about yourself as a Tarot card reader:

“I use Tarot card readings to help people get clarity around decisions they are facing, where they are either stuck and don’t know how to move forward, or want insight on different ways to handle the decision that are more skillful than the ways they have handled things in the past.”

Compare this to: “I’m a Tarot card reader.” See how the description above is much clearer about the benefits your potential client will receive?

Now you try.

  1. People come to me because _____________________________________________ (Put what you do here. I am a healer/psychic/Akashic records reader/intuitive/astrologer/etc.)
  • They want _______________________________________________________________ (the result they’re looking for when they come to you.
  • So that what ____________________________________________________________________________________________.
  • So that what ____________________________________________________________________________________________.
  • So that what ____________________________________________________________________________________________.
  • So that what ____________________________________________________________________________________________.

Repeat this question until you feel like you’ve landed on the actual benefits people get from consulting you.

Now try putting this in a couple of sentences.

I use ________________________ (your modalities) to help people __________________________________________________ (achieve what benefits?).

Next, let’s figure out Which People.

Often Mystics think that everyone or anyone could be their client. But if you look at the people you’ve worked with, you’ll notice some of them are a much better fit than others.

Let’s look at who they are on the outside. This includes age, sex, location, education, maybe income level, how many or if they have children, are they single, in a relationship, their sexuality, where they work, what work they do.

List those characteristics here: ________________________________________________________________________________


Now let’s look at who they are on the inside. This includes their spiritual beliefs, political views, their values, what they enjoy doing, and their characteristics as human beings—risk-takers vs. conservative, open-minded vs. committed to their current views, like/dislike change, like new experiences or enjoy the status quo, etc.

List those characteristics here: ________________________________________________________________________________


Now, let’s take what you know about who your people are, your best clients, and couple that with the outcome your clients are looking for, and use that information to describe WHAT you do and WHO you do it for, like this:

I help men in midlife who are employed in corporate jobs and who are faced with deciding whether to stay in their careers or not, make decisions about what’s next, using Tarot card readings and my intuition.


As a psychic, I advise women of retirement age see the alternatives in front of them for their post-retirement lives.

Now you try.

Using _______________________ (your modality), I help/advise/etc. ______________________________________ (description of your people) do/get/be ________________________________________________________________ (the outcome that you figured out when you did the repeating “So That What” question.

Now your people can recognize that YOU are the person who can help them with THEIR specific issue.

Remember that you can always edit your profile on the Mystics for Hire website. You’ll probably end up doing that once you see what descriptions people respond to the most, which people you enjoy working with the most, and also who you have the best results with.

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