Introduction to Channeling

Introduction to Channeling 

Saturday, July 16. 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Reiki Academy. 14644 N Cave Creek Rd Suite 5, Phoenix AZ 85022

$65. To register, go to:

Channeling is a unique form of psychic intuition where non-physical energies speak through us to deliver messages.  Intuitive channels Tom Workman and AJ Cavanagh from Speaking from Source believe that this ability is available to anyone and can be developed through knowledge, training, and practice.  In this three-hour course, Tom and AJ will teach you the basic principles of channeling and create a practice circle where you can immediately apply what you’ve learned. 

Topics covered in the course include: 

  • Connecting to the astral and etheric realms 
  • Establishing intention and inviting protection 
  • Vocalizing and verbalizing non-physical energy 
  • Enabling spirit to deliver messages through you 

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