Why Should People Pay Me?

Do you ever say this to yourself:

Why should people pay me when I am helping them heal?

Healers of all kinds struggle with charging for their work.

How can you charge people for this gift that you were born with or that comes to you from a higher source?

Yes. Your gift may come naturally to you, or from a higher source, or all of the above. There are three reasons why you should charge anyway.

  1. Human beings…that’s all of us, don’t value what we don’t pay for. If you started your practice by doing your healing work for free, you probably experienced this firsthand. I’m guessing people you worked with trivialized or downright disregarded your guidance because they had no skin in the game. Ever taken a free class online? Did you finish it? I sure have, and I sure didn’t.
  2. Bringing money to the table makes us take the whole process more seriously. This is true for both us as practitioners, and the clients themselves. As we don’t value stuff we don’t pay for, the converse is true. We value and pay attention to the things we are willing to pay for.
  3. The world needs your gifts. The only way you can practice sustainably, reach and help more people, is to charge money for what you do.

What’s your experience? Comment below.

Photo by Katt Yukawa on Unsplash

Christy Strauch
Author: Christy Strauch

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