Mystics for Hire – Dealing With Childhood Abuse; How Hypnosis Can Heal

When people experience a traumatic event, the effects can be either slow or instantaneous. People can also either remember or repress a memory, but the latter happens more often as a defense mechanism. As a result, people are left to deal with the rest of their lives without proper traumatic care. The memory lives in the back of their heads, eventually forgetting why and how specific problems unfold in the future.

Suppressed memories, particularly those of childhood abuse, can manifest in a variety of ways, such as health problems like obesity, cognitive issues like extreme skepticism, and even behavioral difficulties like breaking the law. Suppressed memories also manifest subconsciously, changing the way a person thinks.

These instances can eventually become dangerous, so it’s important to get help as soon as the trauma happens. The question now stands, however—what about those people who don’t remember going through the trauma at all?

The answer lies in hypnotherapy—it may not seem like much, especially considering that mainstream media has given the concept a rather farce and frightening facade. To learn more about hypnosis, here’s a quick guide for you:

How does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis is defined as an altered state of consciousness, where memories are brought out for better access. Due to the process, however, people are also left with a state of mind open to imagination and fantasy, so there’s always the possibility of “recalling” false memories. It’s important to note that psychologists believe that memory works much like cameras, where our daily lives are recorded in the brain patterns. They can be forgotten or repressed, but never truly gone.

With the help of hypnosis, these seemingly forgotten memories can be unlocked once more. As mentioned, however, people under hypnosis can become highly suggestive. Hypnotherapists will want to make sure that the process goes smoothly, especially when dealing with childhood abuse memories.

Although most people still believe that hypnosis is merely detective work, the therapy has become an effective tool for people who have been abused as children. Through the process, they’re able to deal with the post-traumatic disorders better, as survivors are able to restructure their memories and gain a better sense of control.

It’s also easier to address painful memories of trusted loved ones who have hurt them, allowing forgiveness to shine through. Self-blame can also be addressed, which is particularly important for healing. Through hypnotherapy, victims can have the power to create positive changes—in thoughts, feelings, and of course, behaviors.

A Shining Beacon of Hope for Childhood Abuse Victims

By gaining access to these memories, people now have the chance to better process the events. They’ll have the ability to understand how and why their patterns of thinking work the way they do, and why they behave or act in certain ways. There will be room to heal and grow, especially once things can be broken down into easily digestible pieces.

Facing the woes of psychological damage is never easy, especially when it comes to blank pieces of memory. By having the opportunity to trace and unlock traumatic child abuse memories, more and more people can now heal the grieving child within.

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