How We Help Mystics

Are you able to help and even heal people by opening the door for them to guidance that exists outside the five senses? Do you practice energy healing, card reading, Akashic record interpretation, or another modality, to help your clients see beyond their immediate experience? If so, we can help you find the people who need your help.

We provide an easy-to-use platform to list information about your credentials, expertise, and your services. More importantly, we give your clients a place to leave independent reviews about your work, offering social proof to attract new clients. You’ll be part of a community of practitioners becoming visible and findable on the web, making it possible for you to reach people all across the world.

Are you a Mystic? List your services with us!

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Join our community and list yourself and your services.  You can send potential clients to your listing on our site, which will alleviate the need for a website for yourself. You can take advantage of the general advertising we run to attract potential clients to our site. You will also be able to post videos of yourself and your (consenting) clients. You’ll receive monthly statistics on your listing so you can see how long people stay and what they click on so you can revise your content in response. Clients will be able to leave reviews. You will receive live help in how to use the site in our monthly group training classes.  The cost: only $11/month!

What is Mystics For Hire?

Mystics for Hire is a community of people who believe that it is possible to hear, see and receive guidance and healing through avenues beyond the five senses, through connection to the Divine, True Nature, Presence or however higher guidance is named and defined. We are working to spread love, compassion and knowledge by helping Mystics and seekers find and help one another, to bring healing to the world.

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