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Increase your number of spirituality-seeking clients by connecting with new Seekers in this Mystics community. Sign up for a Mystic listing and membership today!

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Increase Your Number of Clients

Join our Mystics community and list yourself and your services, in order to be discovered by new Seekers.

Who Should Create a Listing

  • 1. Mystics
  • 2. Spiritual Leaders
  • 3. Spiritual Teachers
  • 4. Spiritual Guides
  • 5. Intuitives
  • 6. Anyone with a spirituality-based business seeking new clients


  • 1. Be part of a community of like-minded practitioners.
  • 2. Send potential clients to your listing on our site, which will alleviate the need for a website of your own or supplement the marketing efforts you already have.
  • 3. Take advantage of the advertising we run to attract potential clients to our site and your listing.
  • 4. Receive monthly statistics on your listing. Discover how long people stay and what they click on, so you can revise your content accordingly.
  • 5. List your services, give clients a place to review your work, and show new clients who you are with graphics, videos and more.
  • 6. Receive live help on how to use the site during our monthly group training classes.

Information Included On a Mystic Listing

  • 1. Expire Date
  • 2. Mystic Business Name
  • 3. Description
  • 4. Tags
  • 5. Category
  • 6. Default Category
  • 7. Address
  • 8. Map with Location
  • 9. Business Hours
  • 10. Photos
  • 11. Videos
  • 12. Website
  • 13. Link to Your Course Offerings
  • 14. Social Media Links
  • 15. Special Offers
  • 16. A Sample of Your Blog Posts
  • 17. Reviews
  • 18. “Contact Mystic” Button Leading to Contact Form

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Mystic Community Membership


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List your services, receive monthly statistics, post videos, connect with users and more to increase traffic, qualified leads and clients for your business!

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